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Intro to the Research-based Essay

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Material for Week 10


For Tuesday


Rough draft (~1000 words) to be uploaded to Google Folder. As a way of getting started.


Freedom of choice can suck when it comes to brainstorming for paper ideas. For those finding it challenging coming up with a topic for this essay, I thought a brief self-directed assignment would help.


Here it is: write yourself a paragraph describing the direction of your essay. Include:


1. The subject you're exploring;

2. The primary source you're going to use to explore it;

3. The reason the subject and the text interest you; 

4. The sources you've found so far; and

5. What direction each of these sources is suggesting you might take.


The "texts in conversation" do not by any means have to be "related" to each other. This essay will, in fact, be far more interesting if the texts you find can be seen to contribute from differing angles to the subject you have in mind. To bring them all together in the context of a reflection, or "conversation," is what we're shooting for in this project.





UC Berkeley


Stanford University

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