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Section One and Storyboards

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Assignment for Week 13


The final version of the Research Based Essay (RBE) will be 3500-4000 words. Contrary to what you might think, this is not a lot of room to say much. (To give you perspective, some of you turned in TICs already 2/3 that length!) You have to bear down on a single compelling story you are burning to tell. Go after it, and find out everything about it.


Here are just of few of the great possible titles I heard today:


  • ·      Jojo, David Bowie, and Araki’s love for Glam Rock
  • ·      How Gordon Parks went from New Deal photojournalist to Director of SHAFT
  • ·      What happened to Batman? How did he go from cuddly TV hero to toxic male?
  • ·      The Chinese have their own TV series of “Friends”— and the friends are very different!
  • ·      Parasite is an allegory of the Korean caste system—so how come Americans ate it up? 
  • ·      She-Hulk, Wanda, and MCU’s Phase 4: Feminism breaks the Fourth Wall


For Tuesday 11/15: I would like you to turn in a draft of the first body section of your essay. There is no specific word count. Start out with a topic, build to a conclusion. When you’re done with it, you should feel like you have more to say, you can go on and talk about the next topic. Please feel free to write on into the second section, if you’re inspired. Now is the time to generate material!


For Thursday 11/17: Please create a storyboard of your essay. This can be pictures and captions, or any other form of visual representation that makes clear the plan of each section, and the logic of the progressions of section to section.


I will soon post Google Folders for both!


Nota Bene: As you work on the first sections of your essay, your prospectus should be in constant revision. The prospectus is a part of your final portfolio, and it will also give you the key to composing your introduction.


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